Monday, November 15, 2010

Out of sight...

... but still on my mind.

 Fall is usually my most favorite season.  Cool temps and beautiful scenery keep me happy during the days.  But the fact that the sun sets around 4-5pm is a real downer.  Looks like the weekends are the best time to ride.

I found a decent loop to complete with a buddy just this past Sunday.  I haven't been on the bike in two weeks and it was my normal 30 mile training ride seen here, I was able to complete this 50 mile loop comfortably, with a decent pace even on the climbs.  I guess my body hasn't lost all it's endurance, just some of it's power.  Even as I write this I don't feel the effects that a ride that long should have on my legs.  That means I was holding back.  Which is a healthy thing to do so you don't injure your legs.

Reflecting on what I've accomplished physically in the last 4 months is a direct result of just straight saddle time.  I started off this year with 8 miles on a mountain bike.  That alone left me sore and then I started reading about centuries and thought they were completely out of reach. I achieved that goal only 3 months in.  I've been riding for a short period of time and I remember my milestones.  8, 12, 20, 28, 30, 62, 70, 100, 105.  I'm at the point where I'm able to complete 100 miles with almost 10,000ft of climbing comfortably.  Staying in the saddle 2-3 times a week was key.  With that one training ride mixed in with interval training and hill repeats either seated or out of the saddle.

Lately I've been lax due to time constraints and there isn't a day where I want to go out for a long ride pushing myself to my limits physically and mentally, but we have to make ends meet so we can continue our great hobby.  Attending the gym 2-3 times a week helps expend some energy so I don't go berserk in the office or at home.  I even once accidentally joined a spin class after a back workout and used it as a cool down for the day.  I don't look like a cyclist as far as my frame goes, but the instructor was completely surprised when I was taking everything she gave like my legs were powered by nuclear reactors.

Here's my beautiful fall ride through the northern Jersey area.  I did this at a slow pace to break in my body for the week, just enjoying the day. 

... on my Journey to Fitness.

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